franz_a_20181022_0010-3 purplegreen.jpg

·       Adam Franz.

·       Conceptual portrait and fashion photographer.

·       Shooting people since ’05.

·       BFA from Brooks Institute '16.

·       Paler than (almost) everyone else in Southern California.

·       A total Gemini.

·       Equally left and right brained.

·       A bit of a perfectionist.

·       Even my messes are organized.

·       Avid music listener and concertgoer.

·       Stuck somewhere between the 80’s and 90’s.

·       Constantly inspired by the world around me.

·       Big fan of road trips and taking the scenic route.

·       Even bigger fan of creative self-expression and freedom of thought.

·       Not a big fan of heights, tho.


       Lets get weird!